TaxAssist Accountants has set up training and technical support resources to provide you with support as and when you require it.

Accounting and Tax Helpdesk

The support offered to our franchisees is extensive. All technical support is outsourced to a third party, providing information about accounting, bookkeeping, tax, HST, payroll and software issues, among other things. This support will be available from early days of operation and will continue to benefit your business as you take on staff who will also be able to access these resources.

Additional Services

To ensure our network is able to give a full business to business service we are identifying strategic partners with other businesses to provide TaxAssist Accountants with additional services. Examples of 'Additional Service Providers' include tax consulting and audits, general and commercial insurance, asset and invoice financing, employment advice and many others.

Meetings and Visits

It is vital that our network receives updates and that we maintain high standards of accounting practice for our clients. Regional meetings and training days, meetings with senior management and visits from the Support Teams all ensure this happens effectively.

Support Site

A wealth of useful information is contained in our easy-to-use support website. The 'Support Site' forms the blueprint for managing and developing a successful TaxAssist Accountants practice. It offers advice, technical guidance, practice management tools, and book into training sessions to name but a few features.

Training Manuals and Workbooks

The detailed Manuals form the basis of your training reference materials and are explained fully during the training program. All the manuals are available online, on our Support Site, once the initial course has been completed.

TaxAssist Accountants Guaranteed Service Standards

Not many independent accounting practices will give guaranteed service standards to their smaller clients. Again, this is where our franchisees are different and can stay one step ahead of the often complacent competition. We know we give high standards of service to our clients, so we are quite prepared to stand by these standards and set them out in a formal document to set us apart from the rest. Much more information is available on this aspect of the business, which you can see when you visit us for a Discovery Day.

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