You will be building a franchise centred on the professional provision of tax and accounting services to the small business sector.

Your accounting practice will eventually operate from a highly visible storefront location providing accounting services to a sector that generally isn’t well looked after by traditional practices.

You will be focusing on the small business sector (over 97% of employer businesses in Canada), which includes self employed individuals, sole traders/proprietors, partnerships and limited companies with a turnover of up to $3 million. High net worth individuals are also likely to form part of your client portfolio.

Your role will primarily consist of:

  • Being the principal of the business
  • Business development
  • Marketing your practice
  • Managing staff
  • Customer service
  • Practice management and profitability
  • Networking
  • Being the custodian of the brand in your territory.

We understand that coming from an accounting background much of this may be new to you, and we have tailored the training and support to give you the skills you will need to run and grow a successful business. If you are looking to take control of your working life, manage a business, build an asset for your future and be part of a community of accountants that have experienced all of the elements of growing a practice then please contact us today.

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