TaxAssist Accountants training programs last for six weeks and will take place in your regional Support Centre, with a week’s home study in week four. *These are now currently being held virtually. All new franchisees are required to take an online aptitude test at home before joining the training course, and for those whom we feel it would be beneficial, we require them to attend a two-day introduction to bookkeeping course ahead of the six week training course. If the franchisee passes the aptitude test they do not need to complete the pre-course training although they can still attend these two introductory days if they wish.

The tax, accounting and software training is delivered by qualified accountants and trainers in conjunction with specialist training partners. Through this partnership we are able to ensure that materials are up-to-date, directly relevant for our network and of the highest quality.

Our marketing trainers provide a Business Acceleration Programme which encompasses five consecutive days of the six-week initial training course, and continues for six months after the end of the training course. We work with you during the course to decide on the right business development activity for your territory, then monitor your success. If for instance, we notice that you are attending a good number of appointments but not signing up at the rate we expect, we will help you to increase your conversion rate. This level of ‘hand-holding’ is the kind of support you may need in your first six months, and will help you to build your business at an aspirational rate.

By the end of the initial training provided by TaxAssist Accountants you will know how to:

  • Market yourself, recruit and retain your clients
  • Competently complete year-end and monthly/quarterly accounts and tax computations
  • Complete personal income tax returns and various other tax forms
  • Operate bookkeeping software and be able to advise your clients
  • Run an efficient office/storefront business with the support of IT, marketing and eventually staff
  • In short – how to run and grow a successful business

On an ongoing basis, we also provide modestly priced courses, to keep the network up-to-date with technical and marketing developments. Our marketing courses include pricing and revenue generation, as well as social media and digital marketing training to keep our network abreast of relevant business advancements.

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