1. Build your own accounting practice with TaxAssist in a new territory 


Most people choose to join the network as a new start-up. This gives you the time to become accustomed to self-employment and build your team and practice up gradually. This represents a faster and lower cost route to building your own practice, and a significant asset. We currently have a number of territories covered across Canada and there still more than 250 available. Our franchise fee for a new start is $40,000 + taxes .  


2. Convert your existing practice over to TaxAssist Accountants 


If you are already an accounting or tax professional with your own practice, or client base, we can help you grow your existing business. 

We are seeing more practices coming to us who are considering their future plans. A combination of Covid, digitalisation, technology changes, automation, compliance requirements, and client expectations is making life increasingly difficult for accounting and tax practices. Converting your practice to TaxAssist Accountants will not only enable you to stay on top of all these changes, but we’ll give you the technology, systems, marketing and business development support to diversify your services, develop a team and build a saleable asset. 

Your overall business start-up costs will depend on your current situation and is subject to the territory location being available. Our franchise fee is the same for a new start at $40,000 + taxes. 


Bank funding 


To enable you to join TaxAssist, we work closely with the franchise departments of Canadian banks and provide regular updates on our franchise to ensure that the local relationship managers are properly briefed when they meet you.  

Banks typically lend our franchisees a maximum of 70% of the total investment required, including working capital. Facilities include: 

  • Highly competitive rates 

  • Fixed and variable rate loans 

  • Committed overdrafts 

  • Business charge cards 

The total investment figure will be dependent on your location, working capital and the level of personal drawings required. We will work closely with you throughout the business planning stage to create a plan that is realistic and establishes the right level of investment for you. 

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