Whether you own an established accounting firm or have just started a new practice, finding a new client can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. However, it is one of the most essential activities to keep growing your business.

Implementing proactive strategies while investing in technology and marketing can turn prospects into clients. Here are a few ways to find quality clients. Make sure to identify your target audience before you start implementing any of the strategies below.

Ask for referrals

Referrals and recommendations are the most effective ways of marketing. This is because they come from credible sources like your existing clients, friends or family. However, you might have some clients who will not be willing to refer you without anything in return. So, it only makes sense to craft a referral programme and offer something of value to them. Be consistent with your program, keep reminding your clients and promote it on all your marketing channels.

Get your own website

Your website can be one of the first impressions your potential clients can have about you. Also, the majority of your target audience will do their research online before signingup for your services. Having a high-quality website is crucial, because it outlines all the details of your services but also talks about who you are and the value you provide.

Get comfortable with Social Media

The extensive reach of social media offers you an expansive platform to connect with your audience. Generate content on all your social media channels, promote your services and talk about yourself professionally. Give your audience the opportunity to get to know you and your brand better. As your followers increase, so will your influence.

Collaborate with other professionals

Collaborating with professionals who are not your direct competition can be another way to get new clients on board. Professionals like lawyers, bankers, financial planners, marketers etc. It will be a two-way street. You can refer their services to your clients or maybe even bundle your service together with theirs and they send their clients to you for their accounting and tax needs.

Network effectively

Networking events are a great place to meet potential clients and learn from peers. Even though most of these events have become virtual now, it still makes sense to be present at these events virtually. And when in-person events resume, make every effort to attend as many as you can.Even one good contact can lead to much future business for you. Also, LinkedIn is another great platform to network with industry professionals actively. Building a good LinkedIn network can also provide future benefits.

Thought Leadership

The business of selling a service is more challenging than say, a product-focused business where you have something tangible for your prospective client to touch, feel and see.  So, sharing your expertise in the form of articles, blogs, whitepapers, podcasts etc. can act as the physical proof for your service. It proves your credibility in the industry while building your personal brand as well. Once you write an interesting piece, or record these a podcast, make sure you market it on all your platforms.

Upsell complementary services to your existing clients

You can think of additional benefits and services that you can provide to your clients. It can be a freebie, a discount, experienced staff, complementary consultancy for a month etc. You need to figure out what your target audience values and bundle those additional benefits with your regular services.

Online ratings and reviews

Just like referrals, online ratings and reviews are alsotrusted sources for your potential customers to find out about you. These reviews are given by your existing clients. So aim to deliver “A” class service and then ask your clients to leave you a review online. These ratings and reviews are like the digital word-of-mouth.

Next Steps

Try and implement some of these strategies. You do not have to go all out and try out each one of them at once. Start with the easier ones and then gradually move onto the others. Put together a plan and start moving ahead!

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