One of the main benefits of franchising in general and TaxAssist Accountants in particular is accessibility. It has the inherent benefits and freedom that comes with starting a new business but with an added layer of support and experience. You’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.

With more than 400 entrepreneurs globally, TaxAssist Accountants has been making business ownership accessible since 1995.

To explain further, we interviewed Moe Farhat, TaxAssist Accountants Master Franchisee in Canada.

  1. How do you support entrepreneurs starting from inquiry all the way to the owning a TaxAssist Accountants franchise?

    From the moment someone inquires about our franchise, the team here works closely with you through the process. Our Information Sessions will help you learn about how you can build a successful accounting practice, about our business model and the support we provide to our franchisees.
    We understand that taking this decision is a big step for you. So, we make sure that our team is available to answer your questions whenever. You are also encouraged to talk to our existing franchisees and clear any further doubts that you might have.

    Even after signing the agreement, the recruitment team here supports you in all your milestones- from training to creating a local marketing plan to day-to-day operations. We’re all working towards the same goal and hence we work together as a team to reach there.
  2. What kind of person makes a good TaxAssist Accountants franchise?

    We’re looking for people who align with our vision of providing first class professional accounting and tax services to small businesses. That can be anyone from a CPA-qualified accountant working in industry, full-time tax preparers looking to scale up their business, individuals with a strong financial services or banking background, as well as those that already own an accounting or tax practice they wish to develop as part of a global brand.
  3. Is franchising approachable? Do you think more education is needed around franchising?

    The franchise industry has seen major progression and representation in the last decade. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of being a part of the franchising fraternity. However, I feel that there still exists a gap which can be filled only by educating people more about the “nitty gritty” of this industry. We continue to educate people that they don’t necessarily need to have business or operational experience to be a good franchisee.

    TaxAssist takes every opportunity to explain it to the wider audience how we exist as a business to support your entrepreneurial dream. You join us with your set of skills and strengths and we support you with our proven business model and experience.
  4. Do you invest in training in your franchisees?

    Full and professional initial and ongoing training is provided to all franchisees. The initial training course which lasts for six weeks is included in the franchise package fee.  The accounting and tax training is delivered by a team of qualified accountants and trainers in conjunction with specialist training partners. In-depth training covering marketing, sales and software essentials is also included and taken care of.

    We also provide further update days, operations manuals, a support website which offers our franchisees access to technical releases, frequently asked questions, online tutorials, advice and the ability to update your own website.

    However, we don’t believe in training franchisees once and sending them on their way. We provide regular, ongoing training for the life of their franchise designed to help them to be the best business owner they can be.
  5. Is the TaxAssist Accountants business model seasonal?

    Our business model provides professional tax, accounting and advisory services to small businesses, so we aren’t reliant on seasonality to drive income. General tax tax preparation franchises spend the majority of their time preparing personal tax returns, which are seasonal. However, we’re not just a tax preparation franchise. We ensure cashflow throughout the year.

    We will continue to strive towards supporting you in fulfilling your entrepreneurial dream. If you’re someone who has been looking forward to opening their own accounting and tax practice or give your existing business a global brand name, we’re here to support you.

To learn more about our business model, contact 1-888-200-5469 or [email protected]


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